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Contact: John A. D'Annunzio
Phone: 810-343-3781


Description of Organization

At Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc. we understand the problem solving process. We specialize in roofing and waterproofing technology, primarily in finding solutions to difficult problems. We offer a full range of consulting services and can take a project from the investigation of the problem, designing a solution, and management of the job, to its successful conclusion. We also have an on-site state-of-the-art roofing and waterproofing laboratory and technical library, and the ability to staff virtually any size project with expert personnel, enabling you to get a better return on your building maintenance expenditures.

Our commitment to working toward an environmentally sound future is evident in our rooftop projects. We have completed a number of rooftop gardens in the Metro Detroit area and have found these projects to benefit the environment on several levels. Please see below our explanation on rooftop gardens.

Rooftop Gardens

We would like to point out the advantages to rooftop gardens. The first and foremost advantage is the ability to utilize the roof area as a habitual space. It provides architects and building owners with an opportunity to create living space on an area of the facility that is often neglected real estate. This transforms the roof area from an asphalt surfaced wasteland of abandoned water tanks, rusty air-conditioning units, and a depository of trash into a scenic aerial garden which can be enjoyed by building occupants as premium living space and for convenient outdoor recreation. In this type of construction the rooftop is virtually transposed into a valuable amenity that enhances the worth of the building that it occupies.

Rooftop gardens also provide significant environmental advantages. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, roof gardens can help improve the environment by maintaining a healthy ecosystem and improving air quality. It is a well-established fact that plants maintain air quality by “absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen via photosynthesis, plants recharge the atmosphere that enables all animal life, including human life, to exist.” This is particularly beneficial in urban areas, which lack the forests, farms and lawns that provide these tasks in rural and suburban areas.

As the installation rate of rooftop gardens in the United States increases, it will become important that roofing and waterproofing designers become familiar with the components and installation procedures. The garden assembly can be applied in a cost effective manner if the designer keeps the design ‘simple’. The success ratio of rooftop garden assemblies in the United States that are over fifty years old certifies that these systems can be both ascetically pleasing and waterproof.

A few Michigan rooftop projects completed by Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc. are:

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel – Dearborn, Michigan
  • Ford Motor World Headquarters – Dearborn, Michigan
  • United Technologies Automotive Headquarters – Dearborn, Michigan
  • Detroit Institute of Arts – Detroit, Michigan
Summary of services offered by Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc.:
Designs From start to finish Paragon’s design services will ensure key elements such as job submittal requirements, pre-bid consultation, and bill of materials are properly handled.
Specifications A viable instrument that ensures work-to-order procedures are followed by contractors.
Building Envelope Consulting Not all leaks occur at the roof. Other building envelope components are susceptible to moisture intrusion. Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc. has extensive experience in the analysis and remedial design of the building envelope components.
Consulting Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc. provides full services at every phase of roof installation; Design, Application and Maintenance.
Quality Control – Project Management The roof is the only major building component that is entirely constructed in the field.
Exterior Building Forensics Paragon Roofing Technology, Inc. has the resources, personnel and expertise to conduct accurate evaluations and analysis of your existing roof and exterior building conditions.


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