Michigan Glass Coatings

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Contact: Chad Golda
Phone: 248-364-6667

Email: cgolda@michgc.com
Website: http://michgc.com/


We are the preferred solution when it comes to residential and commercial use of protective glass coating – including but not limited to the application of security film, solar window film, solar shades, decorative window films and graphic decal films. We here at Michigan Glass Coatings, Inc aim to provide a “WOW” experience with our professional film installation services.

We make this possible by working with 3M – one of the leading names when it comes to films and adhesives. 3M uses these technologies to form ground-breaking solutions to a wide range of settings, from the one-family home to the large-scale industrial factory. The best part is that sense and style is not sacrificed for efficiency and practicality.

Speaking of efficiency, 3M films are able to block up to 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet light, reflects up to 79 percent of solar heat and traps up to 35 percent of indoor heat inside a room. All these benefits are given by a layer of film that adds an appealingly uniform look to windows – combining both elegance and security in one tidy package.


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