IPAX Atlantic

8301 Lyndon Avenue
Detroit, MI 48238

Contact: Gino Rea
Phone: 248-252-1709

Email: grea@ipax.com
Website: www.ipax.com

Company Description:

In our contemporary economy, more and more companies are launching innovative and cost saving solutions. People and organizations are now taking advantage and winning on this new business model. Perception used to be that these industries are non changeable. On the contrary, whether it is personal transportation apps or cheap 3D printing equipment, the new direction is becoming more obvious!

Today, we all understand the current trend in the chemical industry is changing.

The driving key factors remain: performance, cost and safety. We have designed our complex formulas synergistically, to achieve maximum performance. Our careful combination of materials, allow our formulas to maintain integrity and performance with reduction of water weight. . Most importantly, after our complex manufacturing process, our products are stable in super concentrated form. This allows for simple onsite water dilution and cost reduction to our distributors.

Our distributor program offers technical intelligence through simple training, onsite support and demonstrations. This program motivates your sales force to be effective and successful at providing the correct solution to your customers the first time.

Our new super concentrated chemical concept allows for a savings of 2-4 times vs. the bottom line competition. Now, our distributors may offer the lowest price along with superior performance and environmentally preferred products, for their regions!

Some of our achievements are:

  • Chemical Manufacturer: GS-8, GS-34, GS-37 and GS-41 Green Seal™ Certificates
  • Pioneers of aqueos parts washing technology ans service for the auto industry
  • Winner of Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2006 & 2007.
  • ISO 9000 and 14001 Certified
  • GSA Schedule Holder GS-07F-063AA
  • SCAQMD Clean Air Certificate
  • Canadian ECO Seal
  • NSF Certificate


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