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Facility Engineering performs ASHRAE energy audits to help businesses and organizations reduce energy bills and increase the efficiency of their operations and processes. We accomplish this by providing one of the following levels of audits:

    • Level 1 Audit

This audit consists of a walk through evaluation of the facility, identifying areas that can be improved upon to help achieve the highest level of energy efficiency. We perform a cursory analysis of the building envelope and all utility bills. This is where minimal expense will yield a favorable return on investment.

    • Level 2 Audit

We split this audit level into three categories to meet our client’s specific needs: Low level, medium level, and high level. In the low level audit, we start with an analysis of historical data from utility bills and identify usage trends based on the long term data. Equipment and its general utility usage is evaluated to establish relative usage. We investigate each utility system and building envelope for cost savings while suggesting upgrades for motors and HVAC equipment.

In the medium level, we analyze historical data from utility bills and identify usage trends. In this audit, we compare site utility usage to similar sites where data is available. Utility systems are evaluated and cost reductions identified in the areas of energy, operations, and maintenance. We also explore system integration to ensure energy usage optimization.

The high level provides installation of a temporary metering system for establishment and collection of reliable data to create a utility usage cost accounting system. Later, we will help set up a permanent metering system to enable our client to continue tracking performance. Data from similar type facilities is compared on regional and national levels. We also identify cost and usage trends in terms of usage per square foot. Through this audit, we will coordinate with our client to identify options of funding. We provide Life Cycle Cost of energy suggestions and incorporate predictive technologies to check equipment internal conditions.

    • Level 3 Audit

This is an investment grade audit where we prepare an organization/business for major changes in equipment or processes. This involves reengineering or redesign to create the necessary changes and compares various manufacturers’ equipment or systems. In this audit, we often use drawings based on defined specifications and employ cost analysis, energy savings, payback and Life Cycle Cost information. Professional engineers often participate in the level 3 audit.

In all of the audit levels, we analyze our findings, using a multitude of techniques, and compile solutions that work in our clients’ facilities. The end result is a reduction in costs, improved working conditions and productivity, and a more streamlined operation.

At Facility Engineering, we understand the importance of getting the most from the operating budget while ensuring a safe working environment. Our solutions are designed around each client’s specific set of needs. We are here to help our clients improve the management of their facilities – In short, we provide facility engineering, at its best.


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